The Danish capital is a cultural Baltic gem, and one which is easily becoming one of the best cities to visit worldwide. Steeped in history, Copenhagen (København) offers a multitude of different city zones, each with their own charm. Whether you are in search of new Baltic cuisine, contemporary design, or flawless fashion, Copenhagen is a symbol of Scandinavian excellence which is not to be missed. Rich in shopping, bars and an incredibly friendly and happy populous, you'll be able to unwind and explore with ease around the small city.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Denmark. There are cheap flights, trains directly to Sweden, mild weather, and a plethora of activities to indulge in. Try booking in to Noma - the world's best restaurant just outside the city, or indulging in a cycling city tour.

In terms of fashion Danish brands are leading the way in contemporary style, preferring minimalist and highly stylish looks. Not over-complicated and oozing quality and craftsmanship, Danish designers have influenced many of the styles we are wearing today. New and emerging brands are forming the basis for this surge, and walking round Copenhagen you will not fail to see how well people are dressed, seemingly effortlessly.

Independent stores are abound, and we visited some of the best ones, and picked some of our favourites here. Picking up individual pieces, or store exclusives makes retail in Copenhagen a real treat, whilst embracing the 'hygge' vibe in each store. 

Stores to visit:

  • Norse Projects
  • WoodWood
  • Acne Studios
  • Norgaard Paa Stroget

What to wear when you travel to Copenhagen - Style ideas