Trying to be sustainable shouldn't cost you the Earth

I thought I'd write a brief post about what I believe sets North South apart from the crowd. I believe the attitude taken towards ethical and sustainable production, and using innovative materials you can't find many other places is, first of all, really key. Whilst there are a number of companies out there who are offering organic products, or ethical t-shirts for example, I honestly believe that North South is different. At North South, style, functionality and high quality are a core part of the design process whilst keeping things Simple, Transparent and Affordable. We're trying to make sure that people can afford to be sustainable, and not be priced out of it, or make it exclusive!

We're trying to appeal to the younger generations out there who are conscious about where their products come from, but don't want to compromise on style, or be priced out of buying sustainably. We believe in making prices fair for everyone involved, right the way from the lovely people who make our clothes to you, the customers.

I really welcome any feedback on the brand at any opportunity - tell us what you like, what needs improving and what you'd like to see next! We've just released our mission statement which may clarify things even further, so you know what North South is all about:

Our mission is to create ethical and sustainable products that are stylish, functional and of exceptional quality.
Fairness, diversity and transparency are at the core of what we do.
We want our customers and employees to benefit from engaging with our products and us.

Would love to hear any feedback and encouragements.


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Alistair RedfernComment