DiCaprio helps leads the way in environmental mission and ethos

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that he will be donating $15 million to various environmental charities including the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Elephants and Amazon Watch. In 2013 the actor also donated $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect tigers in Nepal, while in September last year, DiCaprio was made a UN Ambassador of Peace, with special emphasis on the environment and climate change. He has also directed and produced a couple of environmental films, including ‘The 11th Hour.

As a long standing environmental advocate, setting up his own foundation in 1998, DiCaprio holds environmental issues close to his heart:

"The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore Leonardo DiCaprio
environmental badass

But for the rest of us who dont have any film making knowhow, A-list influence, or a spare £9.5, million - dont fret. We can all still do our bit to help our darling mother earth (plus we dont travel much by private jet, so already got one up on Leo!)

So what can you do?

Obviously trying to minimise the electricity we use unnecessarily is a great place to start. If we can all become more conscious of turning lights off when we leave rooms and washing up when we can, rather than putting the dishwasher on for just a few plates, we can make a huge difference. Its being consistent at the little things that will truly help in the long run.

Recycling not just our rubbish but our clothes and unused items too in charity shops, jumble sales or homeless shelters is great way to do your bit for the environment as it stops wearable clothes and usable items being thrown onto land fill sites. Or if youre buying new clothes, try to ensure they are made from recycled, organic, or sustainably produced sources, as the production of most ordinary clothing produces negative environmental impacts.

If you, like Leo, believe we should be doing something to help protect our green earth, a good place to start is with yourself - so why not begin with the clothes you buy? North Souths stylish and affordable collection is created using materials and production methods which wont harm the environment or the people involved in making the clothes, due to our fair working conditions mission.


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