Storms, Cliffs and Surfing - A Few Brave Souls on the West Coast of Ireland

By Robbie Foley

Typically a sport for the Summertime, surfing tends to evoke images of blissful beaches and rolling Indonesian barrels. And yet those sunny vistas couldn’t seem further from the sport practiced by those hardy folk surfing the rolling leviathan slabs that pound against the black cliffs of County Clare, on Ireland’s west coast. Conjured up by spiteful Atlantic storms, the waves found at the ‘Laurens’ break carry real danger, not to mention the icy cold water. Samhain in Gaelic, translates to “Summer’s End”, which is a reference to that period where the Irish waters truly come alive for the surfer. The act of paddling out into those breaks requires a serious wetsuit as well as particular kind of stubbornness to boot.

Pete, a local, riding a monster Irish barrel in Samhain

Pete, a local, riding a monster Irish barrel in Samhain

The film itself stands as a testament to the truly worldwide nature of the sport and captures the enduring and tight knit communities that it produces, even in the most unlikely spots. Check out the trailer from Northcore below.

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