Pick of the Bunch - January 2016

By Osbert Moor

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A selection of what we think are great new songs to start off the year, featuring some of our Artists to look out for in 2016

RÜFÜS DU Sol – Say A Prayer For Me

“Say A Prayer For Me” is the fourth single from RÜFÜS DU Sol’s incoming album “Bloom” and the Australian trio are continuing to knock it out the park. Although this is definitely dance music, but they’re something which makes it easier listening than some of the summer dance tunes you usually hear. RÜFÜS DU Sol are hitting a middle ground between pop-dance numbers and pure indie-electronic tracks, and right now it’s working well for them.

Alex Vargas – Shackled Up

“Shackled Up” is the new single from Alex Vargas’ upcoming EP “Giving Up The Ghost”. Having spent part of last year supporting Jack Garratt it’s now time for the half British/half Danish artist to shine on his own. “Shackled Up” showcases the strength of Vargas’ vocals and combines this with some slick, heavy beats. If “Shackled Up” is a good example of what’s to come, then I am very exciting for the upcoming EP. 

Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai

If we’re talking about notable tracks from this January, then Flume’s return had to be in the conversation. “Never Be Like You” is our first tease of Flume’s forthcoming album “Skin”. Flume talked about the track in a press release: “Kai and I were sending ideas back and forth online, then met up in NYC and went into the studio. We laid down some chords and started an idea but weren’t feeling inspired. So we went out into the night for a few hours and when we returned, it all started to come together.” Hype for “Skin” was already pretty high, but I think “Never Be Like You” has taken things to the next level. 

Souvenir – Chase Me Down

Souvenir cites artist such as Troye Sivan and Kevin Garret as influences, but it’s clear that the Massachusetts born singer has his own direction. “Chase Me Down” is an indie-pop/indie electronic song of raw emotion about a crush Souvenir had on his straight best friend. The track is a pure joy to listen to and you can really feel the power behind all the lyrics. 

SAFIA - Embracing Me (Mazde Remix)

I believe that there is something intrinsically satisfying about a good remix. The best remixes are ones which take the initial track in a different direction and do something unique, yet still manage to keep part of what made the original good. German artist Mazde’s latest remix of “Embracing Me” does exactly this. He keeps the original vocals, but puts his distinctive future bass stamp onto the song to great effect.

Lane 8 – Midnight

“Midnight” comes from Lane 8’s recent EP of the same name, and the track is absolutely beautiful. The seven minute number is classified as deep house, but has light, synth trance written all over it. The light cords match the delicate synth to guide you through this dreamy, emotive, listening experience. Lane 8 shows us with “Midnight” that vocals are just an optional extra. 

Manila Killa - All That's Left (feat. Joni Fatora)

After 2 years of successful remixes, Filipino produce Manila Kila has released his debut single “All That’s Left (feat. Joni Fatora)”. As one half of the successful electronic duo Hotel Garuda, the high quality of “All That’s Left” is nothing less than what you’d expect from Manila Kila. 

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