So what’s the problem with non-ethically produced clothing?

sustainable clothing

We all know that to protect our earthly home we should recycle, switch off lights, and put our carbon footprint on a diet… but what about the clothes on our back? Although less infamous than airplanes, tumble dryers and oil companies, the production of clothing has an enormous impact on the environment. Cheap and cheerful high street companies have been kind on your bank account, but they have been enormously cruel to the earth, and most people don’t actually realise the damage being done to the environment by the fashion industry.

The synthetic materials, Nylon and Polyester are made from petrochemicals which are seriously polluting and also are non-biodegradable, making them notoriously difficult to dispose of. To make these artificial fibres, a long line of processing is required which uses large amounts of water and energy, not to mention the nitrous oxide which is produced - a greenhouse gas which is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

organic clothing

Natural fibres such as cotton are also deceptively not environmentally friendly. During the production of non-organic cotton, more pesticide is used per crop than during the production of any other crop in the world. The pesticide damages local ecosystems and can have serious heath detriments on the cotton farmers. Think about the amount of clothes we must go through in the UK alone, with cheap, low quality high street garments making clothes highly disposable. They may not cost much money, but we’ll sure pay for them later.

North South’s mission is all about making garments that are not only sustainable and wearable, but also affordable. We believe people shouldn’t be put off by the price tag or the sometimes frumpy style of ethical and sustainable clothing. This is why we’ve developed a range which is good quality, good value and importantly, is 100% wearable and stylish day today.

Ethical. Sustainable. Wearable.

North South