The Principles

Style built on ethical and sustainable foundations

Style: Inspired by a fusion of simplicity and function North South is no frills, straight up quality. With both British and Scandinavian influences in regard to style our designs are clean and minimal.

Ethical:  All products are made in Fairwear accredited factories, so you know that our products have been made by skilled workers who are treated with respect. Ethical production is something we pride ourselves on, and this will never be compromised - we want it to be common practice in the fashion industry.

Sustainable: Here at North South it's really important to make products of the highest quality using innovative, sustainable materials. We use ethically sourced materials such as Tencel, Bamboo, recycled plastics and (only) organic cotton. We do this to minimise our impact on the environment, and because the quality is so much higher than regular materials. The suppliers we use are using renewable energy wherever possible to make the production as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.